Indian Physicist is an online platform for budding Physicists. We provide free content related to all things Physics. We cater to all age groups but our primary focus is students studying physics in their schools and colleges. We provide content that helps these students learn physics but we also provide information on how these students can make a career in physics along with the steps they need to take. We feel that along with education, the right guidance is equally important in the life of a student.

Why Indian Physicist?

There are a large number of educational institutes in India and all around the world but in the midst of all these institutes, students still lack the understanding of concepts and basic phenomena. Indian Physicist aims to help students to not only understand the concepts but also gain confidence so that students can perform well in their exams and become good physicists.

While our focus is on students because they are the seeds of the future. We provide interactive content for all ages. Our content is not restricted to students who want to learn their syllabus but our content can also help you become passionate about physics and understanding the universe in its true essence.

Our Mission

We aim to inspire students and teachers all across the globe and we would love them to join our community and support us in our mission to help students. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to make physics fearless for students and fun for everyone.

What do we do?

We create content that is engaging and at the same time explains the concepts in a very simple language. We keep our content light so that it is digestible for students of all ages.

On our Instagram page, we share Physics memes that are not only hilarious but also helps students to understand various concepts of physics.

Our Goal 

We are working towards building a community of people of physics. An online platform where physics enthusiasts from all around the globe can connect, and discuss their favorite topics of physics. 

Would you like to support us?

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